Craig Santos Perez | December 21, 2012

Craig Santos Perez

Where are you now? 


I live in Kailua, O’ahu—a five-minute walk to the beach. I can feel Moana Nui, the Pacific Ocean, breathing from where I sleep. I teach Creative Writing and Pacific literature in the English Department at the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa. I can hear the living breath of Pacific literatures pulsing everytime I go to work, and I have the pleasure of being surrounded by the vibrant voices of so many talented Pacific poets and scholars.


What are you working on and what have you got coming out?


I recently finished a draft of my third book of poems, titled from unincorporated territory [guma], a continuation of my multiple book series from unincorporated territory [hacha] (Tinfish Press 2008) and from unincorporated territory [saina] (Omnidawn Publishing 2010). My editor, Rusty Morrison of Omnidawn Publishing, is currently reading the manuscript and I very much look forward to working with her on carving the manuscript into its final, ocean-ready form.


Where do you write?


At the beach, mostly. Words tend to break onto the page between waves. There is a copious amount of sand in my writing journal. And the scent of coconut oil on pen and paper.


What’s the last best thing you’ve read?


Michelle Naka Pierceʻs Continuous Frieze Bordering Red.


What journals, poets, presses have you discovered lately?


Mana Magazine, a journal dedicated to Hawaiian issues that regularly features Hawaiian poets and writers. Also, FLUX HAWAII magazine features many articles that have a poetic flare. Lastly, the Honolulu Weekly has been publishing some wonderful stories relating to food in Hawaiʻi.


Care to share any distractions / diversions?


Excuse me while I snack on my Facebook newsfeed. Iʻll be right back to answer your last question. If you friend me, I will share my diversions for you to like. My facebook is an open life.


What are you looking forward to?


Engaging with my students. Attending several Pacific literature and studies events this semester. Going to Puerto Rico next month for the American Studies Association conference. Having fun at the on-campus Kava Festival this weekend. Exercising. Vacationing sometime soon. 

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